List of Current Students

Current students include representatives from 10 different countries such as Brazil, Ireland, Argentina, Egypt, Korea, and Singapore.  Those from the US come from undergraduate institutions that are distributed throughout the country, including Brandeis, Brown, Cal Tech, Georgetown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Oberlin, Princeton, Stanford, Swarthmore, University of Arizona, UCLA,  UCSD, University of Colorado, University of Illinois, Vassar, Washington University, and Yale.   Their undergraduate majors include biology, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, molecular and cellular biology, neuroscience, physics and psychology.  Their dissertation projects are equally diverse in terms of subject matter, as illustrated by representative examples of student publications.

Last Name First Name Start Year Undergraduate
Abe Taiga 2017 Harvard College
Applegate Marissa 2016 Princeton University
Balough Elizabeth 2015 Columbia University
Batty Eleanor 2014 Brown University
Belarde James 2016 Brown University
Benoit Laura 2017 Yale University
Berry Jack 2016 Williams College
Birdsall Veronica 2015 Wesleyan University
Bittner Sean 2016 Carnegie Mellon University
Bowler John 2015 Carnegie-Mellon University
Boyle Lara 2017 Yale University
Braine Catherine 2014 Mt Holyoke
Chalif Joshua 2014 Dartmouth College
Chen Briana 2016 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chintamen Sana 2016 University of California, Berkeley
Christenson Matthias 2016 Unversity College, London
Clary Rachel 2014 MIT
Cohanpour Michael 2017 Cornell University
Coie Lilian 2015 University of California, Los Angeles
Collier Crystal 2017 University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Cooney Patricia 2017 College of Charleston
Cueva Chris 2012 Stanford University
Datta Malika 2015 Purdue University
Dempsey Conor 2012 University of Dublin
Donegan Macayla 2014 Boston University
Everett Claire 2017 Barnard College
Fageiry Samaher 2010 Kings College London
Fishman Zvi 2011 The City College of New York (CUNY)
Gilboa Dar 2015 Hebrew University
Goffer Yossi 2013 Columbia University
Heath Sarah 2015 University of California, Los Angeles
Hoffman Benjamin 2015 Stanford University
Horta Adan 2015 Vanderbilt University
Howard Clare 2014 Amherst College
Iascone Daniel 2013 University of Pennsylvania
Jenkins Blair 2013 Yale University
Jeon You-Nah 2017 Columbia College
Kanner Scott 2015 Muhlenberg College
Kato Daniel 2014 Yale University
Kaufman Alexandra 2014 McGill University
Kohn Jessica 2015 Bowdoin College
Lanio Marcus 2016 Princeton University
Lee Melissa 2014 University of Tennessee
Lieberman Ori 2015 University of Maryland, College Park
Long Laura 2014 University of Virginia
Marshall Najja 2014 Indiana University
Martyniuk Kelly 2016 University of California, San Diego
McGowan Josephine 2016 Barnard College
McGuirt Avery 2016 University of North California at Chapel Hill
Mishra Neeli 2014 Caltech
Morgan Ashlea 2015 William and Mary College
Nejatbakhshesfahani Mohammadamin 2017 Sharif Institute of Technology
Nunnelly Luke 2016 University of Southern California
Odean Naomi 2012 University of Sydney
Panzarino Alexandra 2016 Bucknell University
Paquelet Grace 2016 Yale University
Park Jung 2016 Brandeis University
Pekarskaya Elizabeth 2017 Reed College
Pena Francisco 2015 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Perez-Torres Eduardo 2015 Harvard University
Petty Gordon 2017 Wesleyan University
Pierce Georgia 2013 Johns Hopkins University
Platt Maryann 2015 Univeristy of California, Irvine
Portes Jacob 2016 Stanford University
Priestley James 2016 Boston University
Qian Sam 2012 University of Toronto
Rabinovich Rebecca 2014 University of Cambridge
Randolph Lisa 2016 Vassar College
Rolotti Sebastian 2014 Penn State
Russo Abigail 2013 Brandeis University
Scribner Jennifer 2016 Yale University
Sendhilnathan Naveen 2016 Indian Institute of Science
Shakman Katherine 2011 California Institute of Technology
Sibener Leslie 2016 John Hopkins University
Singletary Nicholas 2016 Emory University
Sisti Alexander 2014 Columbia College
So Lam Tsz Nina 2013 University of Virginia
Stackmann Michelle 2017 Duke University
Stevens Gregory 2016 California Institute of Technology
Stine Gabriel 2016 University of Vermont
Stinson Patrick 2013 University of Chicago
Tsitsiklis Melina 2014 MIT
Tyulmankov Danil 2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vaadia Rebecca 2014 Wesleyan University
Vignovich Martin 2010 California State University Long Beach
Villegas Andres 2017 Rutgers University
Wang Peter 2012 Cornell University
Warren Richard 2014 SUNY Purchase
Warriner Claire 2013 University of Rennes
Whitebirch Alexander 2015 University of Oregon
Xie Marjorie 2017 Princeton University
Zadina Abigail 2015 Brandeis University
Zhuravleva Viktoriya 2016 University of North California at Chapel Hill
Zimnik Andrew 2015 University of Pittsburgh