Course Listing

Fall 2018
Course Title Department Program Call # Points Location Day/Time Instructor Offered Required for Students Description
Analysis for Neuroscientist Neurobiology & Behavior G6030 90950 3.0 JLG-L7-119 M 3:00-5:00pm R. Bruno Every year First Year Students
ARDUINO for Neuroscientists Neurobiology & Behavior GR7040 82846 0.5 Kolb 7th Floor Conference Room F 3:00-5:00pm C. Lacefield Every Year
Biochemsitry, Cell and Molecular Biology I Biochemistry G6300 16448 4.5 VEC 401/401 MW 4:00-6:00pm S. Lomvardas Every Year
Comp. Neuro.: Circuits in Brain Biomedical W4020 20067 3.0 415 Schapiro T 7:00-9:30pm A. Lazar Every Year Optional Neuroscience Course
How to Make a Drug Physiology G6003 16797 3.0 P&S 11-505 M 3:00-4:30pm A. Marks Every Year
III: Components of Adv RSR Neurobiology & Behavior GR7010 24706 0.5 Kolb 3rd Floor Conference Room T 3:00-5:00pm M. Ansorge, C. Kellendonk Every Year
Molecular Biophysicks Biochemistry G4250 TBA 4.5 TBA MWF 4:00-5:30pm A. Sobolevsky TBA
Molecular Mechanisms in Synpatic Transmission Neurobiology & Behavior G4007 69283 3.0 JLG-L3-079 & JLG-L8-084 W 3:30-5:30pm A. Losonczy, I Israely Every other year (2018 then 2020) Optional Neuroscience Course
Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease I Pathology G6003 65947 4.5 PH 15W MWF 10:00am - 12:00pm R. Liem, S.Z. Sivo Every Year
Presentation Skills for Neuroscientists Neurobiology & Behavior GR7020 73331 0.5 JLG-L7-119 M 5:00-6:30pm A. Das Every year Optional Neuroscience Course
Principles of Systems Pharmacology Pharmacology G8001 63347 3.0 BB 7-724 TR 10:00am - 12:00pm R. Kass, S. Steinberg Every Year
Research in Neurobiology Neurobiology & Behavior G9040 61197 1-15 TBA TBA Neurobiology Faculty Every Semester All Students Note: Everyone must register for this course every semester. The points for this course are always 15 minus any points for other courses (eg: if you take one course worth three points, your point count for this course will be 12 points).
Student Journal Club Neurobiology & Behavior G4990 26447 1.0 TBA TBA K. Miller Every Semester Second and Third Year Students
Survey of Neuroscience Neurobiology & Behavior G4340 12150 6 JLG-L3-079 MW 1:00-3:00pm F. Polleux Every Year First Year Students